Abilities are the techniques that are usable in battle by your characters. Abilities fall under one of the four types of commands; attack, magic, defense, and utility.

Attack Abilities Edit

Poke, Kick, Nudge, Salmon, Pickaxe, Bite, Slam,

Archery Edit

Wooden Bow, Iron Bow, Water Bow

Axery Edit

Wooden Axe, Iron Axe, Fire Axe, Nancy

Gauntletry Edit

Wooden Gauntlets, Iron Gauntlets, Earth Gauntlets

Lancing Edit

Wooden Lance, Iron Lance, Air Lance

Magic Staves Edit

Basic Water Staff, Intermediate Water Staff, Advanced Water Staff

Shieldry Edit

Wooden Shield, Iron Shield, Earth Shield

Swordplay Edit

Plastic Sword, Wooden Sword, Iron Sword, Fire Sword, Smoke Sword

Utility Staves Edit

Basic Healing Staff, Intermediate Healing Staff, Advanced Healing Staff

Magic Abilities Edit

Defense Abilities Edit

Utility Abilities Edit

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