Demi God is a species of incredibly rare and powerful creatures that can be encountered in Etheldia. They utilize devastating attacks and strike with blinding speed, making them some of the most dangerous monsters in all of the land.

Demi God of RNG

Demi god of rng
The Demi God of RNG can be found throughout the open world of Etheldia and can swiftly defeat both the strong and the weak. The numbers are on its side through its Weighted Dice attack and the even more fearsome Wrath of the Demi God of RNG

Demi God of Time

Demi god of time
In a mysterious world of challenges untold you can encounter the Demi God of Time. Its Tangled Thorns and Wrath of the Demi God of Time attacks can bring forth the end of the even the most experienced adventurers.

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