Dragon is a species class of creatures that can be encountered in Etheldia. Dragons are powerful and hard to find in Etheldia but can drop some powerful items if you're lucky enough.

Air Dragon

Air dragon
Air dragons are fearsome beasts of whirling storms that can be encountered to the north of the Air Tribe. Hang on tight or you'll be blown away by their powerful Tornado spell!

Log Dragon

Log dragon
Log dragons are monsters of plant origin that dwell in the forest in-between the Earth Tribe and the Water Tribe. Take caution when facing them, their Onbashiri technique will pummel you into the ground!

Legged Log Dragon

Legged log dragon
These are slightly stronger versions of the Log Dragon, retaining all of their counterparts abilities but with legs!

Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon
Fire dragons roam the lands west of the Fire Tribe. If you aren't careful, their Inferno spell can burn you to a crisp!

Water Dragon

Water Dragon
Water dragons wander around the area west of the Water Tribe. Consider yourself lucky if you aren't washed away by the destructive Tidal Wave!

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