Rabbits are one of the most common creatures found in in Etheldia. This species of creature includes the Coal Rabbit, Chocolate Rabbit, Pink Rabbit and more!

Regular Rabbit

The most common form of rabbit, they can be found just about anywhere!

Pink Rabbit

These rabbits are a pink variant of the regular rabbit. They are harder to find than the regular rabbits.

Coal Rabbit

Coal rabbit
This variant can be found in a mysterious land of rabbits... where could that be?

Chocolate Rabbit

This rabbit was obtainable during the Ester event. They may become obtainable again in the future!

White Chocolate Rabbit

This rabbit was obtainable during the Ester event along with the normal Chocolate Rabbit. They might become obtainable again in the future!

Fire Rabbit

Fire rabbit
This is a rabbit conjured from fire! They can be found in areas around the Air Tribe.

Giant Rabbit

Giant rabbit
The giant rabbits threaten the inhabitants of Kasumi Village, perhaps you can tame one to adventure alongside you!

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