Slime is a species of creatures than can be encountered in Etheldia. They are typically found in the areas around the tribes and are usually quite weak.

Fire Slime

Fire Slime
This variant of slime has attuned to the element of fire. It can be encountered in the Fire Tribe

Water Slime

Water Slime
This variant of slime has molded into water. It can be found in the Water Tribe.

Boulder Slime

Boulder slime
This variant of slime has embodied rock. It can be stumbled upon in the Earth Tribe.

Sky Slime

Sky slime
This variant of slime has adapted to life in the skies. It can be spotted in the Air Tribe.

Pale Slime

Pale slime
This variant of slime is pale and has not taken on an element. It can be encountered to the west of the Fire Tribe

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